How you can have your China to be united again? When your Republic of China in Taiwan not to allow your government to abuse the public power to charge any fee, not to 台灣房屋allow your government to abuse the public power to tax any th 看房子ing; so that China Communist can have that lawful right to live under the big umbrella of 新成屋 Republic of China as 中華民國共產黨. When your government does not own power, does not own force, does not eat any powerless f 廬山住宿orceless desperate people's public fund, yet willing to take any shots from every one, ready to give best will to help anyone, then, you can really deserve e 廬山飯店very one of your citizen to die for your Pride. You want to run any public office or work in any public office, you have to make sure you can do better than Chinese said "Y 廬山溫泉o.Yao.Mar.How. Yo.Yao.Mar.Boot.吃草", you cannot even be good enough like normal citizen to feed his own stomach by himself, you dare have that shameless brainless cold cold hard immoral path and 花蓮旅遊 stick to climb up any public office to suck, you must more deserve to be killed than any snake or mouse showing up in front of public eyes. When your government has no power no force but offer help, then no mat 花蓮民宿ter that government must be fed by 共產黨 國民黨 or "民.Jean.黨" or "Chin.民黨" or "Sin.黨" or whatever named 黨, as long as your whatever 黨 can spoil we that people to have all right to ask what our nation can do for us, no 吉安民宿t ask anyone of "we the people" to do for our nation, then anyone of those 黨 got the bit to run government, all fine to we the people.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 花蓮住宿  .

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